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we've came from the city of st. francis has never gotten and that's distinguished us. project hope has been about our expression now conditionally 50 times. our compassion and our opportunity for everyone who lives and works here to demonstrate that compassion. to each other. to that make this city a safer city and a more successful city but for the city for the 1 hundred percent. i want to a thank las vegas e devon and the whole staff for being here and the public health department. i want to thank our sf thank you and today sports 6 hundred members of our technology companies that point to experience not only the use of technology but also express their compassion for the city in giving back to a city that's helped them be successful. today, we have four very special sponsors and thank you for keeping your rates down. sprint for keeping us communicated prima facia. and virgin mobile and assurance wireless. their not only sponsors here but have brought anti volunteers and every time we get those opportunities you know what it's like first year perhaps for the first time looking so
when they call. we address the calls accordingly. we tend to use the numbers favorably. >> back to what this chief said, i certainly understand the fact that staffing drives a lot of this and i think it would be useful for us given where we are in terms of staffing to have a conversation of what would it take in terms of resources to get to the right amount of staffing prior to 18 if that's where we are now and talking about making changes that could expand hours i'm sure this community could be very interested in working with the police department to get to that point, 2018 is a long time. but i think that to expedited the right result with staffing, there are things we can do right now. we are undermining our own efforts to grow the economy and hopefully we don't have to wait to have those conversations. >> okay. berry, did you want to say something? >> supervisor really hit on it fairly quickly as well. that is i was just going to ask chief sur if there is anything that our industry can do to expedited the staffing and the resources that might be needed to help in light of the econom
and, you know, ask -- that would be helpful to us if we can learn what the perception is out on the street, if it's different from what we're perceiving. >> the perception out on the street is people on the street don't know what's available at the port for rent, first of all. and i don't think it's advertised probably well enough is one issue. [speaker not understood] perception i got long before i became a commissioner, not something yesterday or the day before. i'm hearing because i'm the commissioner. it's that i've heard it for many years. so, and i don't necessarily like to hear it. i'm just trying to come up with -- understand you guys come up with some ways to improve it. >> over the years i think we have. we strive, we continually look at our process. we continually make changes. so, we're here for you to guide us and help us with that process. and we have committed to look at our website and how we put our vacancies on our website. it works for us, but it might not work for the general public. so, we're going to look at that. and make some changes to that process. ~
can help yourself you take a load off of us. yourself, your neighbors a few hours after, we know that [inaudible] activated a few times for y 2 k after 911 we had people. the [inaudible] has not know tried yet if you go there after a disaster you will be by yourself. a few hours after, that's when people form and that's when they help out. >> this is the home work. you don't have to write it down it's in the manual. simple things for your home. hazardous conditions in our house. there is a course evaluation in the back of the book. i'm rob [laughter]. >> okay. let's get into the program today is utility control and fire hazard material. we will teaching how to turn your utility's off and what hazardous materials to look for. >> the first thing is natural gas. what do you know about natural gas? flammable. it goes, boom. it's important to shut this off. we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when there is a problem. how l
believe mr. ringel was aware that this process was going on and the fact that he's using -- bh the zoning administrator was out too far for us to rehear this, that would open up pandora's box for many rehearings, i think he was aware that this process was done and again as our president has said, the cu has already gone through the planning at this point, so i see no reason to break that up. >> we have a motion. >> move to deny the jurisdiction request on the basis that it was not timely and what else? >> i think there's no need to state a basis if you're denying the request. >> okay. >> and i appreciate the effort. mr. pacheco? >> we have a motion from the vice-president to deny this jurisdiction request, on that motion, commissioner fung? >> aye. >> president hwang? >> hao*i. >> commissioner hurtado? >> aye. >> and commissioner honda? >> aye. >> the vote is 5-0, jurisdiction is denied and ?o appeal may be filed on this administrator order, thank you. >> we'll mover on to item 5b which is another jurisdiction request, the subject property is at 3166-16th street, the board received a lett
're a small business and the port real estate staff was very accommodating and they really assisted us in our move in. we went through the environmental procedures and all the regulatory compliance and the environmental staff was a big help. we understand that they have a tough job. there's a lot of requirements and a lot of regulatory people looking down and checking their work. so, it's a tough business, but you have to -- we have to comply in order to make sure we comply. it was kind of stringent, but we understand that that's the requirement and they made it very accommodating so i'd just like to thank the port and your staff for their efforts. >> thank you. welcome to the port of san francisco. is there any other public comment? come on up. >>> hi, good evening. i'm paul [speaker not understood] with bill group. we're a general contractor building a project across the street from crane park. and we moved in about six months ago and the process was pretty easy. i heard it was difficult to get a lease, but it really wasn't. took about 30 days and got some good land, and it helped us build
not understood]. rec and park, and don, calem and nathan who helped us get this far. and i want to thank in particular president of the board, david chiu for always being there for the port when the waterfront has needs. and we look forward to a long future with him in that role. please join me in welcoming president chiu. (applause) >> thank you, monique, and good morning. so, when i was invited to come and participate at this event, i suggested that the elected officials, mayor lee and supervisor kim, that the three of us do a rendition of sitting on the dock by the bay. [laughter] >> and i just want to say thank you, otis redding, for sparing us of that. one of the things so special about that song is it refers to otis reding's experience of coming from thousands of miles away. i suspect it is true for all the officials here, we all came from other parts of the country to this very sacred space called san francisco. and my guess is everyone here, you either came from somewhere else, or you are the child of the grandchild of someone who decided to pick up from another dock from another
delve into the scientific literature and what history has to teach us? what would be the equivalent of some kind of massive destruction caused by the force that we don't understand? and i came upon the idea of mass extinction which are indeed the worst kind of disaster that could ever happen to the planet. and the more i research them, the more i read scientific papers and talk to scientists on a realized that actually one of the characteristics of the mass extinction is that there are survivors. and that is when i began to change haloid understood what this book was going to be about. so let me start by telling you a little bit about the destruction a mass extinction is actually a scientific term of art, which refers to any event where more than 75% of all species on the planet by out, and usually these take about a million years. and so when you look at them they are taking place in geological times. they are not a quick thing that we can see in a human lifetime. and one of the things that links pretty much all of the mass extinctions -- and there have been five of them so far in
~ and fill up our properties. so, without our tenants, none of us would be here. and, so, the leasing process starts with an application process and prospective tenants contacting port staff to find out what is available and if what they are doing would fit into port property. so, first, you have the application phase of the process. then it goes to an evaluation phase, lease preparation phase, and then the lease execution phase. and the initial contact from the prospective tenants usually comes in the form of a telephone call. and staff has an in-depth conversation with the inquiring party to ensure the uses are compatible with the waterfront plans and the facility. and once that test is met, then we instruct them to start the application process. and as part of your package you received our lengthy application. ~ in one of the exhibits. so, the first application of phase is mostly paperwork and fact gathering. then we go to the valuation stage. and the lease is -- the application is not only evaluated by the real estate staff, but we have a host of regulators that like to pay attention to w
're happy you joined us for a town hall with mayor ed lee with the obama administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then we're going to
to the people's house of san francisco. historic. historic day today for all of us for the struggles for many, many years i want to thank all of you for sharing this historic moment in san francisco, california. wow. it's been a long road. many years but gosh it feels good to have love triumph overcome ignorance to have equal it triumph over discrimination to have that diagrams end right here in san francisco. wonderful, wonderful. it's a great place to be today in this hall where so many marriages have taken place and so many people have loved each other. we're the very first one with phyllis. thank you phyllis thank you very, very much. and many more weddings to the celebrated in san francisco many more. i know all of you have had some of those feelings before just maybe over 9 years ago and, of course, in 2008 when i had the prim of sharing that moment. i want to thank all the people behind me it's an incredible history. mayor willie brown is there (clapping) >> at the state level back in those years all of our members of the board of supervisors. thank you. our elected officials from the
the mayor. why did we which i see central market we have carol and the mayor supporting us but we work not just as a community we work as a plays where we go into a neighborhood and a change the neighborhood. so if you look around you at the small businesses like large companies say this is a small option for them but those people can change a neighborhood. when we talk downstairs and we have investments and idea we change side neighborhood. we have 5 enterprises that can change the neighborhood and the neighborhood can change the city and we took a step towards changing the world. thank you and i'd like to call the mayor (clapping) >> well, let me begin by saying this is exciting. i want to thank adam for this wonderful opportunity and thank supervisor kim for someone who's worked in the community to see this trans formation with you to see this is incredibly exciting. it's an honor for people like randy struggled with the challenges and all of us who worked in the nonprofit including supervisor jane kim we understand this transformation is crimping open to many levels. i worked on p
bar tenders guild. the liquor laws don't allow us to use alcohol in training. the bar tenders schools in california are a joke. it's a cheap industry where hopeful bar tenders are hoping to take a $300-500 course to use colored liquid. if we are expected to do this for educational purposes, i imagine that we have to do the same thing, to go through the legislators to propose that to the public and propose it to the abc. i believe this nightlife summit was create because of problems in the public, there was problems with noise, problems with over drinking, a lot of our laws are based on that. i'm here to propose that we have more responsible training for our bar tenders and servers. the cocktail boom around the country has turned bartenders into a true professional. now that professional bartender's job is in question. >> i'm sure it's around the whole notion of where you can drink alcohol and the idea of one of those courses or presentations or event would whether or not it would constitute a public, somebody opened to the public or whether it was essentially amounting to commercial
: the new kron 4 news app is very easy to use easy to download. just grab your smart phone or your wireless device and click on the app store. google play or the apple itunes store and just search for kron 4. after you install it, this will take you to the landing page. you'll be able to get what you want. you are not going to have to hunt for what you want. and a special section on the bart strike, traffic, weather, and even submit photos of breaking news. you can also watch live streams from our special sections such as "people behaving badly", "the gabe slate tech report" or my personal favorite, "dine and dish'.. download it today and tell us what you think. the new kron 4 news app. labor day weekend is almost here, and law enforcement will be cracking down on drivers who are under the influence. dui checkpoint details coming up. bay area police hope that d- u-i crackdowns this weekend remind drivers to party smart come labor day! d-u-i checkpoints in santa clara county resulted in 10 arrests between friday and saturday. drivers you are warned. tonight another checkpoint is planned in m
or family responsibilities. so the center on criminal justice would advocate for an increased use or implementation of pretrial services at the local level and some on this panel will speak with more detail on that. >> let me ask miss dewint that you are obviously part of the bail association and the president of the organization, you have decades of experience. critics have argued that your association and other associations like it use their influence by way of lobbying to protect the groups financial interest. i'm wondering if you can respond to that and perhaps give us an idea what kind of lobbying your organization does? >> thank you. first of all let me thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fi
. the agend ahandling the crisis in egypt and if the u.s. will continue its financial military relationship. >>> premeditated murder. did the bladerunner plan to kill his girlfriend riva steencamp. >>> plus reggie wayne light ups the preseason. >>> are lilo's six trips to rehab enough for a turnaround. >>> and the most expensive car ever sold at auction. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 19th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. today could be a difficult day for fire crews in the west. the beaver creek fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles. it's located about two hours east of boise. officials ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 homes but have some optimism at the moment as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's emotional to see our landscape changing and to know that people that we love could possibly be in danger. >> we need an army out there and we've got it. hundreds of firefighters. i know they are doing all that they can. >> some 90 fire engines are on the ground working to protect homes and businesses. the fire started
that process, i did have to go through that process of a conditional use hearing when i opened on valencia street and that was an important step for me, i was able to hear the concerns of the neighborhood and thanks in part to that, i've had a great relationship with my neighbors for nearly 9 years. if i were to go through the hearing process and learn that a neighborhood was not supportive, i would no longer be interested in opening there. when one of my fellow merchants had the opportunity to ask jack spade's marketing manager if he would still be interested in opening on 16th street, even if 100% of the residents and merchants were opposed, he was unable to say no, and to me, this goes directly to the heart of why we have the formula retail regulations, measures which to me, kate spade that attempted to evade, they are not invested in the community, they are exclusively focused on what is good for the company and for their shareholders, i urge you to grant the jurisdiction request so that the community can have a say and we don't allow jack or kate spade to sneak into the neighborhood,
issue. if people are fearful that it will be dirty or they won't work, i think they will not use them. so, broad community outreach and education about where the new stations are, where existing ones are, and clear focus on maintenance and cleanliness, especially in the lowest income neighborhoods, too, i wanted to say that president chiu has important legislation that some of us are supporting as well. i think we should be advocating for and more funding for more equitable access for drink tap stations as they're implemented through our city. the last thing i just wanted to say was i think new technology and app are being use ford all kinds of purposes. often you can't find the stations and maybe having -- use the technology to know where drink tap stations are might be a helpful advance as well. and lastly, i think the cultural change that was brought up by christina and others, it's an education process. so, i'm really glad that it's starting early with the child care centers and in the k-12 system and teachers are using great curriculum as provided by dph and puc as well. ~ grade
] >> thank you, commissioner. obviously maritime uses are important, both because it takes advantage of this wonderful asset on the water and because it's so important for trust consistency and bcdc approve. i think our proposals are very similar. in both cases i think the teams are proposing to rehabilitate the existing floating dock of the north. we are also proposing during the long-term phase to build and do guest stock along the south. the guest stock along the south would really operate part of the south beach harbor complex there and could be for both permanent docking and for larger craft that are guest docking. the floating dock on the north is more of a light duty facility and would be good for small craft launching for a human craft like kayak launching as well as ongoing taxi service which would serve both this project, of core, the brannan street wharf. in addition, of course, we would have some maritime facilities inside the building to serve the boaters who are coming and going. i had been -- was involved many years in the operation of south beach harbor which i'm happ
of edward jones indication arney duncan, making us one of the first and only district-level waivers of the no child left behind, which means we no longer have to punish our students in high stakes testing and really impossible score improvements, and that we we're really at the cutting edge of school reform nationally. and i just want to recognize our superintendent, richard carranza, who has been working very closely with superintendent of multiple districts up and down the state. he has really proven to be a leader among these superintendents. i really appreciate you and the whole team of district staff who put together the waiver. >> yes, commissioner wynns. >> since we now have an update, having gotten a waiver, so, i wanted to ask what our next steps are. and i particularly wanted to ask at the time we had that meeting. and i think at the time we applied, too, i asked the question about what are we doing to hold back on contracts or what is our plan to redirect the money that we had been required to set aside for transportation in sef? so, can we get a report on that? >> sure.
department is clarifying it's policy on helmet mounted cameras used to capture a record of emergency scenes. fire officials said this afternoon that they have had a ban in place since 2009. banning firefighters from using recording devices at work. they say the one used at the scene of the crash sight was a personal camera mounted by a individual firefighter. >>> we're expected to learn more about what caused that deadly limousine fire. they will release how the fire was started. five women, including a bride to be, died on may 4th. orville brown was driving the investigation. he said his estranged wife and he were arguing on the phone when it happened. phone records show that is not true. >>> a singer is filing a lawsuit against the city of heyward. monte joins us with more on that story. >> good evening. as a result of the attack, lester chambers had to an a series of performances. back on july 13th, a woman jumped on teenage ae attacked him at the blues festival just after chambers dedicated a song to trayvon martin. the woman was charged with two felonies. her attorney claims she suffer
>>> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. >> reporter: from behind the walls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the disappearance of sandra coke spoke exclusively with our media partner. he's in jail for several parole violations. on friday, a judge revoked his parole. he has a long criminal p he had a stay away order to keep him from staying away from sand sandra. coke's family denies the two had any involvement since they dated more than 20 years ago. her sister tania released a statement. he was the last person seen with my sister, but he h. he claims when he wasn't in jail, he was living with coke, sharing her north oakland home. a few said they had seen him on their street over the last few months. >> that's him right there. no doubt about it. that's him. it's kind of bad, real bad. >> i did see him walking tov4 store and back, but he never looked in my direction. >> the manager of uptown liquor
morning long. red flag warnings, mike is keeping track of that. >>> and leyla joins us with a check on the traffic. >> reporter: all right. we don't have any crashes to speak of, so that's the good news. hopefully, we won't have any car fires because of the dry conditions. what we do have, though, good morning, everyone, construction in the east bay, traveling along in the eastbound direction on 580 between north slim road and greenville. you will be seeing crews out there working on drainage, and that is causing a little bit of a bottleneck, as you can see slowing building in the eastbound direction. westbound direction nice and clear. we are at top speeds as you make it out of tracey and into dublin, and as you continue into castro valley. so not a problem there. going outside live to look at this, the bay bridge toll plaza, where i saw a few cars loading up in the cash-paying lane, as you can see on the right-hand side of the screen. the rest of the drive is moving along fine. we'll have a few lanes blocked westbound until 5:00 at the cantilever section till the end of the tunnel
, as well for our rec and park department as phil knows all too well many rec centers still use dial up service. when we think about registering our children for camps and play grounds, what we need to do in our daily lives, but also our government on a daily basis to use technology, this will be an incredible boone to our rec and park department and something we should all be very excited about. in terms of the details of the gift, google is providing a $600,000 financial gift to our city with no strings attached. i think a lot of the prior debate around free wi-fi in san francisco that never moved forward was because of different questions about business models or so forth, to emphasize this is a free gift of financial benefit to the city of san francisco with no strings attached. the money will come through sf city which will manage the installation of the wi-fi network from beginning to end, and our department of technology will accept that gift on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. and ultimately rec and park will be the host of the wi-fi network on their properties. a
. >> please be advised that the ringing of use of cell phones paymenters and similar sound producing advices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order removal for the person responsible out rippinging of or use of a cell phone pager or other sound producing electronic device. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertv netctionv public comment on each agenda item unless they adopt a shorter period. item 8 public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment? okay, yes. >>> i think there is an item on the agenda, 9c? >> we'll call for that one -- i believe the chair is calling for item 8. jerry doll. >>> good afternoon, commissioners, nice to see you again. my name is kerry doll. i'm an employee of darling international pier 92 here in the port of san francisco and a member of the international long shore house union local 6. [speaker not understood] is our national secretary treasurer [speaker not understood]. we are here today to bring to the commission's attention four issues on environment related t
that are used widely today and administered privately, there are some difference, one of those which i think you're getting to is that the medical reimbursement accounts administered by the city have no prescribers other than them being available broadly for medical services. >> you said earlier, i want to get the number right, that about 35% of employers that use these hra's have not allowed in this past year that the money be used for health insurance? >> that is correct. >> if that money is now going to be used in healthy san francisco let's say, will healthy san francisco place restrictions on the use of that money? i would imagine that we are not going to prohibit people from using that to buy health insurance? >> that sounds unlikely. i would be reluctant to speculate but i can say there's no such restrictions on the administration of those accounts currently or over the five or six years they've been maintaining those accounts forward. er >> i think that's a great thing, you have more people using that money for health insurance. in terms of the medical reimbursement accounts, is there an
that will get us through a reasonable amount of time. matt walked through some of the economics of phase 1. phase ii, we have not yet submitted a formal proposal that has not been requested at this time, but obviously it's a major project through the entire pier. development costs would be in excess of $100 million. we would be requesting the full 66-year lease that is within the trust a because that would be required to amortize a very substantial investment, particularly with a full seismic upgrade and pier structure work that would be required. and we would finance this through a combination of private equity, debt, and federal and state historic tax credits. tmg has a lot of experience and we believe we can secure those credits and help make this project work. the project would generate a good deal of revenue over its life as well as a good deal of expenses up front,v and we expect that we would be able to pay a very substantial amount of rent to the port and would be willing to structure various forms of up side participation as is typical for these major projects, however, there woul
a tribute. >>> still ahead on abc7 at 6:00. how protesters in the bay area believe the u.s. can stop the violence in egypt as another three dozen are killed in clashes. >>> a look at the massive effort began this weekend to recall a mayor accused of harassing a dozen women. >> what everyday item is causing a third of americans americans e nearsighted? >> carolyn: an unusual sighting it to. a mountain lion was season in san mateo county this morning. it was just before 3:00 a.m. when county officials received the sport -- report of the sighting. residents are being advised do not approach a mountain lion. >> now to the unrest in egypt. 36 people died when muslim brother ahold detainees tried to escape from a prison truck convoy in cairo. the convoy was carrying detainees rounded up during recent street violence between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. morsi belongs to the muslim brotherhood. egypt's interim government is considering a ban on the group. the death toll in egypt now stands around 900. and back here in the bay area, local egyptians are de
overbudget and 10 years late? >> i used to call it the poltergist bridge. it had thattorra. that -- that ora. >> we will go,and find out what went wrong for the process and learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: recently it was the onagain, off again opening and the broken bolts that is after the back and forth about the material and the design. >> reporter: the metro politan transportation commission took over from cal trans in 2005. >> what is old construction you can have it fast or cheap but not both ways. >> reporter: in this case we got neither. >> the bay bridge was a test. in some cases we failed that test. >> and there are more tests in the works for the governmental aeupblss, high speed rail, tens of billions dollars over budget. boaring tunnels to bring water to southern california. >> the big institutions of the state. there are a lot of great people working there. they are not responsive to the project. we need to change that. >> what we saw was the real thing live. we did not hide very much we let people in on our decisions. they are all in agreement that the new span of the
in the days ahead abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> carolyn: thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for ama daetz. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship. he is talking from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. here's what the map authorities call a peon of interest has to say. >> from behind the lls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the disappearanc and death of criminal defense investigator sandra coke, spoke exclusively with the bay yearews group. randy alana is in jail for parole violations, including not charging his gps, risting arrest and having contact with sandra coke. friday his parole was revoked. alan na has a long criminal past, stay-away order to keep him from seeing coke but heaid the two were in a loving relationship, and, quote, we won'tly talk aut getting married. coke's family denies the twodad any involvement since dating years ago. why would be or anyone else believe what he has to say? but alap na claims when he was not in jail, he was living with coke. sharing her north oakland home.
, and the threat of thunderstorms. yeah, definitely. checking out the humidity. most of us from 68% at fairfield to 100% half moon bay. that's why we don't have the high fire danger now. it's too humid. we don't have thunderstorms. and even if we did, look at the winds. they're calm to about 8 miles per hour. so anything that did develop would not get out of hand. bay shore, the coast, those are the areas not in where you see the red, not in this high fire danger. now, this is now all the way through 3:00 wednesday morning. ama? >> all right, thank you so much, eric. >> all right. >>> happening now, temperatures are rising, and as mike mentioned, so is the fire danger, most of the bay area. he told you about the red flag warning. we're all being asked to be cautious. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on this. amy? >> reporter: eric, they're gearing up for fire season at the cal fire stations like this one because of the dry conditions. but, also, because of the threat of dry lightning. they've even brought in firefighters from other parts of the state. they have noticed the dr
speaker. >> good evening, thanks for having us, supervisor, my name is jane sanderval, as i currently work in an emergency department, i know first hand how a reduction in community resources leads to an increased dependence in emergency departments, often the emergency department is used as a primary means of health care, i see this on a daily basis. the potential search in ed clientele due to a loss of nuances from the health care ordinance will tax an overloaded and overutilized and sometimes underfunded and understaffed department. i'm concerned ed wait times will increase, as they provide access to preventive services sufns immunizations and health screening, i'm concerned without these sss, clientele may not seek care until they have a crisis in their life. it is unclear to me how mandating an uninsured person to purchase health care [inaudible] those less fortunate are not limit today the marginalized and people who have become a casualty, these people will not be able to afford the co-payment and is deductibles from the new insurance exchange. the loss of healthy san francisco woul
's a little hollywood, it's dogpatch. it used to be the portola, half of it. my heart is still with you, but i'm glad like the speaker said, it is whole. and that is what's important, is that that neighborhood remains whole so that our city will be whole. you agree? [cheering and applauding] cheers >> so, a few years back there was this little idea to take back the bayview and really began to rewrite the history and the narrative that we often hear about in bayview. and it actually started, ironically, with a small little abandoned swath of land that has grown up to become the cuseda garden. and it's the thought child and the physical manifestation of hard work, of a few community leaders that got together and rolled up their sleeves and got to work. and tonight i have the honor to introduce one of the co-founders, his name is jeffery betcher. where are you? get up here. and jeff is going to introduce to you as he escorts ms. annette young smith to the stage. this lady, ladies and gentlemen, is a lifetime achievement award winner. please, please welcome her to the stage. (applause) >> i can't
union members voted to reject the contract that's reached with management. scott shows us what happens and more importantly what it means for people who are relying for the bus. >> reporter: they're right back to where they started after a late night meeting here on saturday night in the union head quarters where members of the union decided to go ahead and reject the contract, tentative contract that both ac transit and the unions agreed on just about a week ago. that was up for grabs of the tentative contract, the president of atu local says in a statement, our members spoke loud and clear, end of quote. you might remember back on august 5th, members say they were ready to strike if the deal is not reached, on the 7th. the next day, included of a 9 and a percent raise and now it looks like both parties will be going back to the drawing board. >> they'll be back at it talking to members tomorrow to decide how they want to move forward. reporting in oakland, scott rays kron 4 news. >>> the fire claimed the lives of five women including the bride to be. the limo ride was part of a bache
provides them with that choice, we want them to choose us. a recent survey indicated that 60% of low-income individuals who are uninsured would change their provider if they were given the choice to do so so we are responding to that challenge and integrating the service we offer throughout our delivery system so we do a better job to coordinate the care our patients need, we're working to improve quality and capacity to increase access to care, we're enhancing our patient's experience by shortening waiting times and increasing our efficiency in customer service and these are exactly the items that barbara is at the health department working on today. our second role is more citywide in nature and related to our mission to protect and promote the health of all san franciscans, we're maximizing enrollment into the health insurance options under the nca and i'll focus on this a little bit more. the health department has identified several key factors to the successful implementation of the aca in san francisco. the first is personal responsibility, this is not just the requirement unde
wallace came up with the idea of a garden tour and a lot of us thought, a garden tour? our neighborhood? who is going to come? well, we had every -- we've done it for six years. every year we've grown incrementally. after the first two years of raising money for the library -- there's our new library -- we then it was such a great community builder that we recently decided to keep wanting to volunteering and do it. we established a scholarship at city college for the horticultural department. and we have just gone gangbusters. we get good press and we get to see everybody's neighbor -- all our neighbors' gardens. because of the way san francisco s you get to be veuyer because usually you have to go through their garage or their house to see the gardens. and ruth gets known through the neighborhood because she's constantly peeking over fences and leaving fliers in people's mailboxes saying, do you want to be on the garden tour, and all this sort of thing. but anyway, so, we've -- just to show you how much the neighborhood has gotten to know each other, all the people in the portola, wave
supervisor eric mar may be joining us. we'll find out shortly. the clerk of the committee is the lovely ms. aundrea ausbery and i'd like to thank sfgtv for broadcast thing meeting. madam clerk, are there any [speaker not understood]? >> yes, there are. [speaker not understood]. items acted on today will appear on september 3rd [speaker not understood]. >> thank you very much. could you please call item number 1? >> item number 1 is resolution authorizing the san francisco fire department to retroactively accept and expend a grant in the amount of $376,700 from the federal emergency management agency for the fiscal year 2007 supplemental port security grant program for assets to enhance the fire department's water-based response capabilities and increase its protection of the port of san francisco and the san francisco bay for the period of october 1, 2007, through september 30, 2012. >> all right. we have mark from the fire department here to present this item. >> good morning, supervisors. mark corso here to present the first item on the agenda, resolution for retroactive accept and expen
and go to the u.s. to work and they never have a problem and they can stay here for long. why is there an exception to >>> >>> i'm audrey joseph. the acting chair of the entertainment commission. july will mark the 10th year of the entertainment commission and we as an industry have come a long way. our venues are safer, we have survived the recession, our city has produced an economic impact report that speaks to our value as an industry, we are looking forward to the next economic impact report on daytime events and festival and we continue to improve our permitting process most recently the help of supervisor scott wiener extending limited live permits to d j's. today we are introducing to the best i am practices manual based in security and we are discussing issues that are veflt relevant to us all. the 90s, san francisco nightlife awards recognized excellent and creative content and patron experience in the nightlife industry. we as an industry deserve that recognition. and now, a few highlights from the 90s. >> welcome to the 2013, 90 awards and the san francisco enter
think the city should have cameras. there are places where that is useful. having cameras near registers can save many dollars. if you believe your clientele is potentially violent on damaging in terms of graffiti cost, you can have many reasons to have cameras. if a business wants to install their cameras and use them, they should bear that cost. if footage exist that law enforcement wants access to, there is a process that allows the law enforcement access to that. so, if a business wants to install cameras, absolutely they should bear the cost, but having law enforcement require cameras, that cost should not be passed onto the business. >> i have very mixed feelings about cameras but i tend to lean to what berry is talking about. we seem to be karening willie and nilly to this camera side. we are crossing the line now between reasonable, video surveillance in public being a reasonable part of the policing or police action and you get into the unreasonable police infringement of the 4th amendment. let me read you one of these conditions so you can see what i'm talking about. i have pr
. >> commissioner. >> to the city attorney on this formula retail question could it be back to us for the formula retail use. >> no. >> and why is it (laughter) >> and we could have it approved by the commission. >> no. under the current zoning it is a primitive use there are no controls and i'm sure staff will correct me if i'm wrong. that's a zoning determination that needs to be made through legislation. we - >> we sometimes don't allow people to build to the height limit we say that is non-formula retail i don't understand why we can't condition this. i'd be comfortable with saying no formula retail unless approved by the commission. we do it all the time >> i think what she's saying it's a permitted it's a p in the code. so it's right in the code you can't change a code >> we're not changing a code we do it all the time. >> actually, you don't (laughter) >> your allowed to have the conditions on properties all the time. >> did you we are the question? >> i'm pretty much that the formula retail in that district actually requires a 312 notice and the neighborhoods can request a dr a
finding elements and we'll use the remainder of the budget for the site furnishings at the various nodes adjacent to the signage. >> we're going to have a wonder -- a beautiful blue grain way. are there any other questions? i'm sorry. ~ greenway i have the same concerns as commissioner brandon ~. why pick the lowest contractor here? have we worked with this guy before? >> >> hi, commissioners. my name is tim [speaker not understood]. i work with the engineering division. i'm the administrative engineer there. i was the one who opened the bids and one of the things that i do is a bid summary which summarizes all the bids. so, the low contractor i did contact and asked them how sure are you about this bid. and they affirmed that they would want to continue with this and that's the price that they will honor. so, we're willing to obligate the bid price that they put down. >> you know, we've had some problems with people not being able to perform the work that they signed for and we end up in lawsuits. i'm a little worried about it personally. [speaker not understood]. >> we have a couple op
california. it's wrapping back towards us. it looks like it's pushing into the pacific, slightly cooler, especially the coast. it's partly sunny skies and partly cloudy. look at it, 70, fairfield, livermore and san francisco, a west whipped picking up. a lot of cloud cover comes off the mother load or central sierra. some of that could move back off of us. the flow continues to pick up an i lot of moisture. some sun i, a lot of clouds building up. maybe some lightning could be kind of that midwest kind of days. 60s, # 0s, 80 and still hot but not as hot as yesterday. >> traffic is moving along pretty -- pretty well, but it's getting crowded around the bay area. traffic looks pretty good getting up to the coliseum, going around hayward is being in good shape. it's backed up to the 880 crossing. if you're driving on the peninsula or on the freeway heading south, let's say if you're using the san mateo bridge, that's okay. this is also to off to a good start. 6:02, let's did pack to the desk. >>> firefighters are battling ten across the california area. some are in remote areas and others
things happen and to really acknowledge what allows us to move forward with creative and beautiful projects along the waterfront. so, again, i think we're definitely -- oversee and be mindful of the esthetics of anything going forward. we'll take into account how it's laid out and i think that's something we'll all be mindful of. but i appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge individuals and others that have moved so much forward and the thought that's gone into this. and i think it's addressed the concerns that were perhaps misconceptions that have been out there and misinformation. i think today's presentation should allay that and i think some of the sense of use -- my sense, and i imagine my colleagues as well, this is not a selling off of the port, but really an opportunity to thank and acknowledge that allowed us to move forward. so, thank you. >> first of all, i wanted to tell kerry and michael thank you. if you remember the last meeting, myself and commissioner murphy, we had really laid out that this whole deal with the america's cup and the program, we didn't want it to
. >> commissioners we can move onto the item 13. request for additional use authorization >> good afternoon commissioners i'm with the san francisco planning department. before i present a request under planning commission thirty 3 to intensify project up to 32 beds. and the bicycle parking i requirements. the project is locked on van ness between 31st and a thuth zoning district. commissioners the proposed project seeks to establish a housing unit since the late 1990s that are in great needs of housing. it's geared toward the lgbt community. the project proposes to upgrade in part and add restroom facilities. it meets all the planning policies and codes. commissioners the department has received much public input in opposition to the project. there's been two stated letters and phenomenon conversations concerns about intense if i had concerns. there's many letters of supports sent them geared to the lgbt community given safety concerns and the significant numbers among the homeless population. since the submission i've received a number of letters in support i'd like to provided those to y
of the application for conditional use so i'll cut short my comments and simply state this is a modesty application. there's been very few objections from neighborhood residents. we've had long go well advertised forums and they've been restated and being resolved. the effort by dlols really helped me to its far more than a gesture. this is a beacon and a magnet and other areas to seek safety and way - >> thank you your time is up. >> thank you very much commissioners. >> thank you. next speaker, please . i'm tommy i'm with the housing rights community. i've been a advocate for the lgbt community for years now. i got involved in the late 90s first year in the castro where i was working we say a rise in homeless and many of us came together and set up winter shelter and one lasted for 2 1/2 years. there's been no negative impact but the negative impact in the 2 1/2 shelter we've helped people going get into ged programs and a lot of people have turned their lives around. i got involved with this current effort because i work with the housing programs we suddenly were seeing a lot of lgbt folks c
other people in your city. there it is, a place for us to gather as nert members and there's our nert ics area. here is our structure. same kind of set up, sort of our version. command policy section, the planning group, they are up on top. then once things get rolling, you have your operations section, logistics section. here are our objectives on the nert team, figure out if it's big, if it's small, how do we keep track of what's going on? do we just remember it? are we going to rely on our computers, our pc's? no, we have to write it down the old-fashioned way. address, is there a fire, yes or no, damage, are there people injured, dead, can you get there. where, what, any sort of damage, are there people involved, can you get to it? here is a nert status sheet. basically if you send somebody out, you want to send the members' names, what time they went out, when they came back, what the assignment was, any comments, and if you have an incident number that would be nice. who is the safety person? we don't want to send people out, just hey, go do this. we want to keep track of it. if
us. i'm carolyn tyler in for ama dates. it is clear right now over the bay area, but thunderstorms will soon be moving in. let's head to abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> yeah, and we are definitely going to see some big changes weather wise the first part of the workweek. we have a few high and midlevel clouds and some along the coast. but the thundershowers are very close to the bay area. we are picking them up in south leak tahoe. and -- lake tahoe. and check out what has developed south of baker field. very heavy showers and isolated severe thunderstorms. this one right there is getting ready to develop near bakersfield with numerous lightning strikes. folks, get ready for thunderstorms developing and that has definitely prompted a red flag warning beginning tonight through wednesday. that looks like the highest potential for the bay area to see isolated thunderstorms will be monday night and tuesday. we will get to that forecast coming up in a little bit. >> there are more than a dozen fires burning right now in northern
warning and a lightning strike hits in the bay area. good evening, even. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler in for ama dates. it is clear right now over the bay area, but thunderstorms will soon be moving in. let's head to abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> yeah, and we are definitely going to see some big changes weather wise the first part of the workweek. we have a few high and midlevel clouds and some along the coast. but the thundershowers are very close to the bay area. we are picking them up in south leak tahoe. and -- lake tahoe. and check out what has developed south of baker field. very heavy showers and isolated severe thunderstorms. this one right there is getting ready to develop near bakersfield with numerous lightning strikes. folks, get ready for thunderstorms developing and that has definitely prompted a red flag warning beginning tonight through wednesday. that looks like the highest potential for the bay area to see isolated thunderstorms will be monday night and tuesday. we will get to that forecast
awards here at san francisco city hall. thank you all so much for joining us here tonight. it is an honor to be here. my name is daniel homsby and i am the program manager for the neighborhood department networks. an honor to see you here. many of the same faces for the fifth year for the men awards. let's give you an a plays for coming back. (applause) >> and celebrating one of the most important things we have in san francisco, which is our neighborhoods. without further ado, i'd like to start the program off by introducing my colleague, christina palone, the new director for the mayor's office for neighborhoods. christina palone. (applause) >> good evening, everyone. i'm happy to be a part of such a great ebit that celebrates the contributions made by residents and organizations throughout the city to make san francisco one of the greatest places to live. the mayor's office of neighborhood services also known as mons focuses on neighborhood outreach and engagement. it is an honor to be here with community leaders who are dedicated to the same principles and are positive
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